15 Day Book Blogger Challenge – Day 1

My friend, Jackie, from Bookworm Cafe posted her responses to this challenge during July, so it put it on my own radar. I decided to take it up for the month of August. The challenge originated, it appears, with Good Books & Good Wine, so credit for the prompts goes to them! 


  1. I have never read the Harry Potter series. I have, however, seen the movies. 
  2. I am learning still, even at 37 years of age, what type of books that I enjoy.
  3. I am learning that my favorite genre appears to be mystery books. I can always push through them unlike other books.
  4. Growing up I read a lot of R.L. Stine’s Fear Street series.
  5. As an adult I have purchased a lot of the “Fear Street” series and it is a series that I intend to eventually own all the books of.
  6. My favorite series ever is “The Prydain Chronicles” by Lloyd Alexander. Most people know only “The Black Cauldron” from this series.
  7. Another series I read heavily growing up was “The Babysitters Club” by Ann M. Martin. 
  8. My favorite babysitter from “The Babysitters Club” was junior member Mallory Pike!
  9. I also read “Sweet Valley High” and “Sweet Valley University” books growing up. 
  10. My least favorite genre tends to be a tie between many YA and Science Fiction books. (It can be argued that YA has become a genre at this point, not just an age category)
  11. I have 7 shelves of books in my house. My partner told me recently that I need to get rid of some. If I didn’t agree with him, he would have been told to get out hehe.
  12. The two series that I want to complete reading the most, that I haven’t for some reason, is the “Tales of the City” series by Armistead Maupin and “Women’s Murder Club” by James Patterson.
  13. I don’t care if my series books match. The first book can be paperback, the next hardcover and another back to paperback. This doesn’t bother me. I am more concerned with getting to read them, not what they look like.
  14. I buy most of my books from used bookstores.
  15. I don’t tend to read advance reader copies because I like to read finished copies and support the authors that I review. It seems weird to be a book blogger and have this philosophy, but it is my truth. I like supporting the author by giving them my money.

DO YOU HAVE ANY BOOK CONFESSIONS? Leave one in the comments below.

8 Replies to “15 Day Book Blogger Challenge – Day 1”

    • Cassie Post author

      I have not read “The Last Time I Lied” by Riley Sager, but I noticed it was a book you have from Scribd on your new Wednesday post. This means, I can put it on my saved list! I am going to add it, since I want to find some more books on there to read. Thanks for commenting and visiting Kris!

    • Cassie Post author

      They are on the seven book shelves I own… there they sit for one day to read, so the short answer? Yes, I guess? Thanks for reading Nadine!

    • Cassie Post author

      Thanks! 🙂 I spend a great deal of time trying to get the blog to look exactly what I want it to look like, so I appreciate someone noticing it. Thanks for visiting!


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