15 Day Book Blogger Challenge – Day 12

My friend, Jackie, from Bookworm Cafe posted her responses to this challenge during July, so it put it on my own radar. I decided to take it up for the month of August. The challenge originated, it appears, with Good Books & Good Wine, so credit for the prompts goes to them! 


Anyone who has followed my blog knows the number one way I fight off blogger fatigue is going my happy butt on HIATUS! When I need a break, I take it. There is no shame on going away for a week and coming back or even longer, if that is what you need. I just make sure that I remember the blog is here when I want to return. If people are still here that is great, if not I can rebuild. This mentality has kept me going for almost a year now on this blog. I had almost a year on the blogspot blog I had as well, so for a few years now I have been able to keep blogging without allowing something else to take away from my love of posting reviews or content. I am not the most popular blogger by any means, but I have been able to keep this up. The primary reason is because even one view to me means that someone is interested in what I have say. It allows me to have a voice and I like that. I have needed to have a voice for a long time and now I feel like I am gaining one. This helps stave off fatigue for me. It allows me to keep going at this. I also go to other people’s blogs so I see the rest of the community and what they are doing. This keeps me grounded and that I can keep doing this when others are able to keep up with their blogs as well. It gives me a humble sense of self and allows me to feel like I am part of something more. I love being part of this community and how it embraces every single type of person. It may not seem like it at times, but I have seen every single type of book blogger to date. I love this community, find those that you want to interact with. I know I am learning to do that.

IF YOU BLOG, HOW DO YOU FIGHT OFF FATIGUE? Let me know how you do in the comments!

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