15 Day Book Blogger Challenge – Day 6

My friend, Jackie, from Bookworm Cafe posted her responses to this challenge during July, so it put it on my own radar. I decided to take it up for the month of August. The challenge originated, it appears, with Good Books & Good Wine, so credit for the prompts goes to them! 


I tend to purchase books from either used bookstores or from Amazon. My amazon purchases are just going to the page and clicking that little button like anyone that uses Amazon does, so I will avoid discussing that. A little too mundane, even for me. 

My book purchases though! I know how I am as a book shopper, regardless of if I am in Goodwill, Half Price Book, or a small used bookstore in my hometown. I always head to the section that I am most interested in at the time I am shopping. If I am in a mystery mood? I am over in that section looking first. Then I will methodically go through each section that I know that I have any interest in obtaining books from. This tends to be the classics, mystery, and until recently YA. When I go book shopping in August, I will heavily be in the mystery section and I will probably be adding the general fiction area. I do not tend to look in that section, but I think since I am moving away from the YA that it makes sense to look in this area. I may find some books that I have been wanting to read. 

I own so many books, however, at this point that I know that I am going to have to switch up my book buying game. I have found myself purchasing a lot of accidental doubles because I did not realize I already had a copy of the book. I always found it a bit much when someone has a complete inventory of their books, but I am starting to see the perk in it. This may be something that I have to implement in order to have a better overall book shopping experience. 

HOW DO YOU SHOP FOR BOOKS? Let me know in the comments!

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