15 Day Book Blogger Challenge – Day 7

My friend, Jackie, from Bookworm Cafe posted her responses to this challenge during July, so it put it on my own radar. I decided to take it up for the month of August. The challenge originated, it appears, with Good Books & Good Wine, so credit for the prompts goes to them! 


What is considered quirky in the book blogging community? I am not sure I know what would classify within this particular category. Maybe the fact that I went hunting for a duplicate plug-in for posts, since what I tend to do is utilize posts that I have already done. I do this so that I do not have to spend all of my time on putting in images or other aspects of my posts. I can get right to the meat and potatoes of my posts. This has helped a lot during this challenge actually since they are all pretty much the same with very minor changes, up to the point of the new information answering the prompt. This has allowed me to focus on getting the prompts done. 

I have 2 other “quirks”, I guess when it comes to blogging. 1 is I literally go to other blogger’s blogs every single day for at least a hour a day. I spend time liking their posts and reading through them. Some I can tell that I am less interested in, so I will skim. I look at all of them though, so that I can have a general idea of what others in the community are doing. This is a way for me to connect. I don’t often comment though because I do not feel that connected with the community and I do not feel like most people want my input. This is another quirk, I guess. I am the silent liker of posts, but it is because I haven’t found my own voice on commenting yet. I will get there and I do comment sometimes when I am overly compelled by something the blogger has said or if I feel like I can in that moment. Otherwise, if I am following you, I am reading what you say and enjoying it if I put that little like there.

Another “quirk” I have is that I do not usually read ARCs of books, so I haven’t even received my first ever arc. I want to receive an actual arc at some point, but the reason I do not try for these is because I largely recognize that publishing is a business and I want to support the business. I would rather purchase the finished copy and promote the hell out of it when others can purchase it. This is how I like to do things, but I know that publishing has its own desires and wants. We, however, should always try to stay true to our own value system and this is mine. I don’t need a free arc to enjoy a book. There are millions out there! PUBLISHED! Sitting on shelves. I get them and read them. I want to promote authors this way. This won’t make me the next big blogger, I know. It makes me happy though and that is more important in the grand scheme of things.

DO YOU HAVE ANY BLOGGING QUIRKS? Confess your quirks in the comments!

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