15 Day Book Blogger Challenge – Day 8

My friend, Jackie, from Bookworm Cafe posted her responses to this challenge during July, so it put it on my own radar. I decided to take it up for the month of August. The challenge originated, it appears, with Good Books & Good Wine, so credit for the prompts goes to them! 


  1. The site immediately appears to be unique from other blogs.
  2. Upon reading the content, you can tell the blogger does this own thing.
  3. There is an EASY to find FOLLOW BUTTON somewhere on the right side of the blog or in the lower right hand corner if you are on WordPress.
  4. No ADS! If you have ADS, I tend to say GOODBYE pretty darn quickly.
  5. For book bloggers, they review a variety of different types of books and do not stick to just popular YA books. This is just my preference, but if you LOVE YA you do you! I won’t be hating on you. I just will personally be less likely to want to stay focused on your blog. We all have things we like right?
  6. The blogger is friendly and approachable outside of their blog.
  7. The blogger comments back when receiving comments.
  8. A healthy dose of eccentric in pictures or approach to blogging content.
  9. Does not take this all too seriously, but knows that sometimes you can be serious as well without it meaning you are attention-seeking.
  10. If the blogger does not support typical rules of blogging, they let you know immediately. Like if they do not care about grammar, they tell you upfront.
  11. They have a bit of a schedule. It does not have to be a set schedule, but you can tell they are at least active regularly on the blog during each month since it has opened.
  12. There is no content that they post that points to them telling others what to think, feel, or how to act as a blogger. Though they may have recommendations on what has worked for them. They recognize that this is what worked for them and that they are just helping instead of giving hard and fast rules to all of this.
  13. Blog posts are EASY to find on their blog. When you can’t find a cohesive list on a website it gets distracting and most people are not going to hunt down your content.
  14. While I do not like social media for various reasons, I recognize that most bloggers need it, so having links on your site to your social media somewhere appeals to me. I want to be able to engage with you if I like your content.
  15. Having content that is more than just one thing. I like a blog with more than just say books or television. Why not both? Why not whatever content you want to post? If you do want to post about books this would be that you post TBR posts, what you have read, reviews, and more. This appeals to me. I do not fault though those that just want to do reviews because that is how I started off in the book blogging world. I just wanted to have a voice and reviews are where I started to form that.

WHAT APPEALS TO YOU ON A BLOG? Let me know of one in the comments!

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