2019 Self Book Challenge

2019 Book Shelf Challenge

*Books subject to change based on my discretion, especially the nonfiction and classics*

I have several goals that I want to achieve within the year of 2019 in terms of my reading. I have spent much of 2018 reading things or feeling that others should dictate my reading, so I want this year to be a focused journey of books that I want to read. I would like to propose reading a book a week, if I remain focused I know that I can do this. With this in mind, I want to get through some certain books every month. I will review these books as I go along. If these are not books you want to see reviewed, there are other bloggers that I will gladly steer you towards. I support them fully and oftentimes they may be more of a regular readers speed than what I am currently doing on my blog. I have no malice, if that is you.

I want to place the covers up on this page and then I will put an X through the ones that I have completed. So the book will look like this and this:

Regular Cover – Not Completed

Book Cover – When Finished

2019 Categories:

Armistead Maupin books – He has written 12 books to date. I plan on reading one a month. 9 books are in this “Tales of the City” series and 3 are not. 2 are novels and one is a memoir. I will not be counting this in the non-fiction category when I get to it.

Janet Evanovich books – I want to read through this series. I have the first 14 books sitting on my shelves and also the 3 “Between the Plums” books as well. I would like to get through these and read the rest of the series. I know, they probably get formulaic and such, but I really would like to get through them finally.

Classics – I plan on alternating between this and the next one, thus every other month I will read a classic book.

Non-fiction – I have been interested in reading more non-fiction type of books, even if they are memoirs or of that nature. This will be alternating with the above category, so I will read a non-fiction book every other month.

Wild Card – The fourth week of the month, I am leaving this open to buddy reads, random reads, participating in challenges, or things of that nature. If I read more in a month awesome, but this gives me some guidance on books that I want to accomplish for myself. The book covers for the Wild Card books will be changed once I have decided what the Wild Card book choice is for that particular month.