Beat the Backlist 2019 or HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!

Last year, I joined up with this, but I did not stick with it. This was partially due to some of the set-up of how the group challenges were done, but this has been changed this year. This year has been streamlined and I am totally here for it! I am so happy that Austine @NovelKnight reworked some of the aspects because it has me truly excited to be a part of it this year! It feels more like a fun little challenge to get rid of books instead of a tedious uphill climb! I am super excited for it now.

I have a page I have been working on since November that fits for this perfectly! I am going to be utilizing it for my TBR page as well for this challenge. It makes the most logistical sense. I have been trying to find myself as a reader and finding what I enjoy, instead of focusing on what the community or others want or ask me to read. With this in mind, I made this page: that focuses on books that I want to read this next year. All of them will fit into this challenge! I am not reading next year ANY, yep ANY, new releases. I am focusing entirely on books that are backlist, so check out that link to see what are some of the books that I plan on reading next year. I left some slots open for myself and tried to leave it at a number I think was achievable instead of overdoing it. At noted on the page some of this might change, especially those nonfiction and classic books. I will, however, be focusing in on the Janet Evanovich and Armistead Maupin books regardless!

I am also proclaiming I am joining a house, even though I never read these darn books! I want to be part of one of the groups and every time I take one of the sorting into a house quizzes I come up with this, so I am declaring I am joining…

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2 Replies to “Beat the Backlist 2019 or HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!”

  1. Austine @ NovelKnight

    I’m so glad you think this year is more streamlined (that was the plan haha)! The last couple years have definitely been a bit of trial and error but fingers crossed that 2019 is THE year for this challenge!

    I saw you had the Stephanie Plum books on your TBR! LOVE those books! I still need to catch up on the last few releases!

    Good luck and happy reading!

    • Cassie Post author

      Thanks! I am looking forward to the Plum series next year. They are books I have been meaning to read, heck I own up to 14 on my physical shelves. I should read them at some point lol I hope it is the THE year for the challenge as well. It is my type of challenge! Thanks for visiting!


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