Book Review: Daisy Jones by Mack Mama

“Daisy Jones”
Mack Mama

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Gorgeous temptress, Daisy Jones has the power to send men to prison for sexual relations with a minor. She is the epitome of a gold digger and raised to go after rich men by a bitter mother. Mama Jones mad at her fate in life taught Daisy the art of manipulation and how to scheme on her prey. She didn’t warn Daisy about letting her heart get in the way of business, forcing her to fall for a southern rapper and the CEO of a multi-million dollar empire. The story begins in Atlanta, Georgia, traveling to New York City, and enters the notorious crew, the OBG s a gumbo of women hustlers, killers, and drug dealers, who have earned a reputation in the streets for being beyond terrorist. And they’re connected to Daisy Jones, all of them wanting to get their “Daisy” on.

I was excited to go into this book because I was asked for a review of it by Prodigy Books and I am not usually asked to review a forthcoming book, since I focus so often on my own shelves. I reviewed the site and was like “why not?” Here comes the part where I tell you why not. I should have trusted my gut instinct. Daisy Jones was not written for me! I am a little white B-word from the midwest. As soon as I started reading the book I recognized that I was definitely not the demographic intended for this particular book, but here is the truth in the book blogging community it may have been harder to find and get this book into those hands, so I understand reaching out to a wide variety of bloggers. I simply felt that I was not the right fit for it.

This being said, I can say if you love a dramatic read YOU WILL LOVE THIS BOOK. It is full of drama and intrigue. Also if you are into heavy sexy scenes, which unfortunately I am not, you will enjoy this. There are graphic sex scenes from time to time. I can see someone that loves a good romance novel enjoying this and fanning themselves with their ebook screaming “hot damn.” The usage of language in this book showcased to me that Mack Mama has a talent for writing, but due to feeling that she was overly dramatizing a lot of what was happening I felt that I was reading an oversaturated soap opera that needed to be toned down one notch to be enjoyable. I grew up on soaps, so for me to say that means that this was like turned up a million notches in the wrong direction.

The main character “Daisy Jones” is a golddigger, but she thinks of herself as a good girl. She manipulates men and takes advantage of them almost throughout this entire book. The characters are largely hateful and evil people and it is hard to find a character to root for or enjoy within the thing. The closest I got was the character of Angel. I was so disconnected from the book that I am trying to sit here and remember if that was her name even because I tried to block out most of them. I would start liking a character and they would do something messed up. For example, I liked one of Daisy’s boyfriends only to have him start sleeping with someone else. It was just upsetting and it was too much. It made me stop and start this book so many times.

When I reach the end of this book, I went what did I just read? What did I JUST READ? It was shocking and not in a good way. Usually I can find a redemptive value to a book, but it was hard for me, as a reader, to find it in this. This, however, goes back to the fact that this book seemed largely written for a different group than me. The language utilized in it made it apparent that it was part of African-American culture. This book would probably harken back to books like those from E Lynn Harris. It would have serve a purpose, in my mind from reading it, in that culture and for individuals within it. I am not that though, so the overall message (which Mack Mama does discuss at the end of it) got a bit lost on me. I, however, have seen what she is describing have had lived around the African-American culture at one point of my life, during my time in San Francisco. I feel that this would serve a great purpose for them and would probably get a great read for individuals within it. I would love to see a review of this book from someone within it, so if you find one online I would definitely love to read it. I am not giving this a rating (I never do give books ratings on here, but especially this one because of the lack of culture I have for this book). I think there is a group that would love this book and enjoy it greatly. They would love the over dramatization within it and the shock value of it all. There is an audience, so don’t just take my words here, go read it and find out if you like this book for yourself. You may or you may not have the same experience I did. We all have differing experiences with books, but this one for me was a hard no.

So this book may not have been my cup of tea, but Mack Mama (according to Amazon) has another book. It is entitled “Tales of An Original Bad Girl” and it could possibly be a good book right? So why not give it a look as well? Especially if you end up liking Daisy Jones if you read it. Again everyone has different tastes and you may enjoy both of these books, so try them out and discover for yourself!

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