Brief hiatus due to move…

Welp, I just wanted everyone to know that I have recently moved. I am in the same town, but my partner and I recently purchased a home. Since Wednesday we have been organizing, moving, and all those fun things that come with home ownership. This has taken some of my time away from blogging right now. I announced on my twitter that I was taking a brief hiatus (will probably take this week to get refocused and get things in order). I will probably also make my announcement that I discussed at the beginning of the month that I would be announcing at the end of the month around the time I shall return.

Just so you all can see the new house, here it is:



I will probably post some interior shots over the next few days once the rooms get a little more organized, since I have some “before” shots already and would love to show you the “after” shots as well. The two rooms we changed drastically will probably be the two I show. Then after that I will return to your regular scheduled book programming hehe.


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