Christmas Faves #3

These posts are some of my favorite Christmas specials, ever!
(For at least this year, next year I may make this including other Christmas favorite things)

Jack Frost

Written by Romeo Muller
Directed by  Jules Bass & Arthur Rankin Jr.

Buddy Hackett
Robert Morse
Paul Frees
Larry Storch
and more!

(From IMDB)

The Groundhog tells the story of how, for once, Jack Frost became human, and helped a knight win his lady love.

Rankin/Bass is probably one of my favorite producers of stop-motion Christmas specials. I have watched probably the vast majority of their library of produced films and specials. Whenever I think of my favorite though, this one comes to mind. It is a beautiful story about Jack Frost finding love and becoming human. His love for this person is so profound he makes decisions that change his life forever. It is a visually stunning masterpiece of a special. Reminding me that I love the winter as a season, but also that I love this time of the year. Largely because Jack Frost brings the snow and the magic of this season for me. This special reminds me of that every single year. This special holds a very special place in my heart forever. Even though it is about winter and coldness, every time I watch it I feel warmed up. 

Rankin/Bass is responsible for many of my Christmas favorites! They are probably responsible for a few of yours as well!

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