Christmas Faves #2

These posts are some of my favorite Christmas specials, ever!
(For at least this year, next year I may make this including other Christmas favorite things)


Directed by  Ron Lagomarsino

Christina Milian
Josh Cooke
Katt Keeslar
Lorraine Bracco
and more!

(From IMDB)

A young woman discovers a Christmas-themed dreamworld inside a magical snowglobe.

There are so many live-action Christmas movies, but since watching this one I had a new tradition. Every single year since 2007 I have watched this film. There is a certain magic about this film that I have never been able to completely put my finger on. Is it Christina Milian? Is it the premise? Is it the goofiness of the film? I think it is all three! Sometimes a Christmas movie just hits all the right noes. This one does. Angela (Christian Milian’s character) really wants a full-blown world of Christmas and she gets it, but she starts to realize that world is just make-believe. It may not be exactly what she wants, but hilarity ensues when certain things from the snowglobe get out into our world. I believe it is this element of both worlds colliding that made me love it so much. It also has so many Christmas elements to it that make my heart warm and cozy every single year. This is why I am able to rewatch it every single year without issue. This will probably forever be one of my Christmas Faves! 

There is a movie that is a semi-sequel to this film. I plan on reviewing it during this event!

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