Christmas Music Monday #2

The Tattooed Book Geek does music monday, which appears to be where the idea originated with, thus credit goes to him. I know of it because of The Past Due Review, who also does it every monday.
I have decided to participate as well. Every Monday I will post another new song that I want to share with you. My focus will be music that inspires me, gets me moving, or something similar. So here goes!


This song has stuck with me since I saw the Rudolph special as a kid. I still hear it playing sometimes in my head and I hum along.

Silver & Gold
Burl Ives

Silver and gold, silver and gold
Ev’ryone wishes for silver and gold
How do you measure its worth?
Just by the pleasure it gives here on earth
Silver and gold, silver and gold
Mean so much more when I see
Silver and gold decorations
On ev’ry Christmas tree
For millions of girls and for millions of boys
When Christmas Day is here
The most wonderful day of the year!

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    • Cassie Post author

      Glad you mentioned that, since the video disappeared. 🙁 Going to have to see if I can find it again. Thanks for visiting Carla!


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