CHRISTMAS Sharing Life 3

During December, my focus will be on sharing Christmas stories from my own past! I hope you enjoy

Another perfect present filled with Christmas Memories

When I was homeless, I had a mentor through Larkin Street Youth Services. She would take me out and talk to me most of the time. It was almost like having a friend, but also someone that understood you needed to be shown that people could do wonderful things in their lives. Oftentimes people who are in this situation have never seen someone that has simply existed without drama or chaos. This individual provided that for me. One of the things that we liked to do, we were mentor/mentee for several years, was go to Union Square around the Christmas season to see the decorations. We would always talk about how beautiful it was and how magical it all appeared. It was always wonderful to see. We would look into the shops and talk about the beautiful displays. It was nice. One of these times she said I could get one thing from one of the stores in the area. She wanted to make sure I got something for Christmas. On Union Square was a bookstore that carried DVDs as well. We went in there and I looked around. I was mesmerized because she said I could get any one item in the place. I mentioned that I had always wanted to get all of the seasons of “Buffy, The Vampire Slayer”. She said she could get me the first season, but I told her I would want to get the last season. I always wanted to see how it ended. 

Growing up I was not permitted to watch a lot of my own shows on TV. I watched a lot of what my grandmother wanted to watch. I never realized this until I got older that this was what was occurring. The shows that I wanted to watch, I often did not get the chance to do. There were 2 shows that she often let me watch. One has never been released (Chicago Hope), so I don’t own it, but “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer” was one that she would let me watch and she knew that I loved the show. Heck, I would discuss it with a teacher in high school after each new episode because she watched it as well. It allowed me to have a connection to something. I loved “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer” so much and many of the characters from it. It is definitely one of my top ten favorite shows ever.

I watched this DVD years later, after I no longer saw my mentor because I moved back to Indiana. I have always remembered this came from her though. It always reminds me of looking in the store windows, specifically I remember looking in Tiffanys windows and seeing their beautiful white christmas decorations with of course jewelry worth more than my life hehe. I remember seeing all the beautiful colored lights. The christmas tree in the middle of Union Square. The beauty of people bustling around trying to get their families the right gift. I can still to this day remember this beauty and how wonderful it felt to be there with my mentor and to get to make a wonderful memory that I cherish to this day. 

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