A Christmas Spectacular!

The holiday season is upon us!

This time of the year is perhaps my favorite time ever. I enjoy the snow, the bustle, and the camaraderie that seems to come alive during this particular time of the year. That is why this year I want to do a blog bonanza regarding Christmas. 25 days of Christmas!

Some of the posts you can look forward to seeing are DC Comic Book Holiday Reviews, Marvel Comic Book Holiday Reviews, Sharing Christmas Life, Christmas Music Monday, and even a few movie and book reviews during the month!  Everything will be oriented towards the holiday season all the way up to Christmas! Yes, I am that level of Christmas annoying. Consider this day 1 of my 25 posts. My first announcement that I LOVE CHRISTMAS! I hope you enjoy this holiday season and the posts that I have planned.

Love and Light,

Tomorrow’s post is one of my favorite animated christmas programs. What is it? Check back tomorrow to find out! 

4 Replies to “A Christmas Spectacular!”

    • Cassie Post author

      I love them as well! Though my favorite of that style is called “Jack Frost.” I have watched that special pretty much every year for like a decade now.

    • Cassie Post author

      Disagree 😉 Trust me there is a certain level of Christmas cheer that can get annoying, but it does take a lot! Happy Holidays!


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