DC Universe Comics Review #1

I have the DC Universe app and they have COMICS on there, so I decided to review comics on my blog.

Catwoman: When in Rome
6 Issues mini-series

Written by Jeph Loeb
Art by Tim Sale


(Taken from the DC Universe app, linked above)

Guest-starring Batman and a host of Gotham’s most colorful and dangerous villains! Selina Kyle—also known as the Gotham feline fatale Catwoman—makes a mysterious trip to Italy to deal with the deadly Falcone crime family.

Catwoman has always been a character that I enjoyed. She walks this fine line between being a villain and a hero. I like characters that are not one noted on either side. Selina Kyle (a.k.a. Catwoman) is definitely anything but one noted. I find myself drawn into her stories every single time I read one. This one was no different. The main difference was the setting because Selina is trying to find out more information about herself, so she goes to Italy to find out more about the Falcone crime family. She wants to find herself, in many ways.

Selina has discovered the possibility that the Falcone family had another child. A female child. She wonders if she was that child. Due to this she has searching to go on. This journey takes her through mystery and mayhem. It even has a brief moment where she is accused of MURDER! This is a fun, provocative read. There is some needed humor, some needed sexiness, some needed despair as well. This mini-series truly had it all. There are even a few appearances by Batman, but how he appears in Italy I leave for you read and get through the issues yourself to see. They are still available on the DC Universe app currently. This may also be available through Hoopla or other library checkout services, so don’t fret if you wanna read it and don’t have DC. Just go check your library to see if it is there. Trust me it will be worth the time and you will enjoy this book.

This book had me looking up the translation of some of the words! There is a specific moment where I could tell that if I didn’t understand what was being said, I would lose a lot of context. I spent time to copy out the words and see what was being said before I continued on. This may seem a bit extra, but it wasn’t. If you get to that moment you will understand. Without the knowledge of the words, the moment would have been lessened significantly. It was genius though that Loeb did this and forced the reader either to quickly learn the language or not to understand that pivotal moment. Luckily, we have more access to the internet than in 2004. So I just looked it up in a translator and moved on with my life. This added some fun to the overall issue for me because I was forced to interact with it in a different manner than I was used to doing.

The artwork in this by Sale is superb in every single way. The artwork allows you to feel that you are truly in Italy and in Selina Kyle’s world. There are moments where we are supposed to be taken out of that world and those moments are done very well. There are other eerie moments where the usage of shadows truly enhances the scene. Sales knew what type of story Loeb was wanting to tell and definitely upped it to a ten.

Loebs writing in this adds a complex layer to the character of Catwoman, especially the implications that are not fully resolved by its ending. Loeb allowed for other writers to come in and potentially write aspects to this character. He knew that layers can be added to characters and allow them to be explored in meaningful ways. He starts this journey and allows himself to be part of it, but allows others to take it the next step. This felt very much like intelligent writing to me, since comics are an endless continuation of each other. They go on practically forever, so allowing others to play in the sandbox you created can be vital. I feel that Loeb understands this, which allowed for this to be a wonderful addition to the Batman world and specifically to the comics featuring Catwoman.

Catwoman has a new DC series currently running, after Batman #50. If you want to know more go purchase a copy!

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