DC Universe Comics Review #2

I have the DC Universe app and they have COMICS on there, so I decided to review comics on my blog.

Gotham Girls
5 Issues mini-series

Written by Paul D. Storrie
Pencils by Jennifer Graves
Inks by J. Bone


(Taken from the DC Universe app, linked above)

Unable to resist a golden opportunity to fund her beloved lion preserve, Catwoman heists a vial of a mysterious formula for a shady company—only to discover she’s actually working for Poison Ivy and her mallet-wielding sidekick Harley Quinn!

What could be more fun than a comic with Harley Quinn in it? One with Poison Ivy, Renee Montoya, Catwoman, and Batgirl!!!! Some of my favorite Gotham Girls. This is a fun, lighthearted mini that doesn’t take itself that seriously. Though it firmly understands at the same time that it is a comic book and that some type of action has to occur. That it does. I applaud this little series that is obviously not set in the main continuity of the DC universe, if it is I haven’t seen that anywhere. It is still awesome though.

The story is simplistic. It involves a mysterious formula and who wants their greedy little hands on it. They are able to get this over the course of five issues, which I applaud Storrie for doing. The story being so simplistic, it could have felt like they were stretching silly putty that would break at any point. It doesn’t break! I am happy to say. It stays silly throughout and it remains just a great story of all these females trying to get it. I love also that it seems like every issue focuses primarily on whomever is on the cover and then there is a nod in the end of each issue to the person that would be featured in the next issue. This is smart storytelling for a limited run and keeps the story fresh, which is why I think it didn’t break. We were constantly seeing it from another perspective, but we were constantly moving forward as well. We never had to look at the same scenes over and over again. Storrie kept it fresh.

My favorite character within this mini quickly became Renee Montoya. I have had a bit of an affection for the character in the past, but this solidified it. I loved seeing her as a cop, since I had been introduced her primarily through “52”, which is where she was not a cop and where she comes into her own as a character. That is all I am saying about that though for people that don’t know who she becomes in that storyline. She, however, held her own in story with Batgirl in this, so I was happy with her. It made me enjoy her a lot more than the other characters because she was the every woman. Everyone else was a masked person for the most part, Poison Ivy doesn’t wear a mask duh! but she has superpowers. My second favorite in this was Catwoman. Her motives were MONEY! and I was here for it. Get that green girl, but then again I am biased. Catwoman is a character that I have realized that may be my favorite comic book character ever. I always thought it was Donna Troy, but OMG I love everything about Catwoman. Every single damn thing! This made me like her even more. It was nice to read a book with her outside of interacting with Batman. I really need to read more of the various solo series that she has appeared in because if you read last weeks review, you know I loved it as well. Catwoman is the bomb, but she was definitely lesser than Renee in this. Everyone else felt on equal playing field. Every single one of these “Gotham Girls” I want to read more about and more of their stories. So glad I have DC Universe to get to do that when they put them up!

The artwork works for the series, but it was jarring at times. This is why it isn’t a solid 4 stars for me (my base rating for a great, since 5 is ASTRONOMICAL for me based on MY rating system). I had to remind myself that I was reading a comic book because that artwork is so animated oriented. It works for animation, but I wasn’t sure at times that it worked for this particular series, until I realized and remembered that this was supposed to be a light comic book. Then I was like, “okay this fits.” I am not an art purist when it comes to comic books, so I am not upset that it wasn’t in that stylistic format that most comics are today. So hyper realistic that it is also somewhat jarring. This just was a little too animated for me. I still loved everything about it though, but it is definitely a solid 3 magic balls for me. It still, however, is worth a read. It is campy and a wild ride.

“Gotham Girls” was also the name of 3 season animated series that was available online. It is available in the “Birds of Prey” complete series collection.

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