DC Universe Comics Review #3

I have the DC Universe app and they have COMICS on there, so I decided to review comics on my blog.

The Return of Donna Troy
4 Issues mini-series

Written by Phil Jimenez (Issue 4 includes writing credit to Charles Kim)
Pencils by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez
Inks by George Perez


(Taken from the DC Universe app, linked above)

Donna Troy has reemerged among the Titans of Myth as Troia, Goddess of the Moon. But memories of a different life haunt her as she leads the final battle of a long campaign of interplanetary conquest. It will take the combined might of the Outsiders and the Teen Titans to solve this cosmic mystery and reveal Troia’s true destiny to her!

This series is one I read when it was first published, but I didn’t have a blog back then so reread time on the DC Universe app for me!!! I was not disappointed by this reread either, but that is because I have such a soft spot for this character. I mean come on, my blog name is attached to her, if you read the WHY REVISED ORIGINS page you can see that! Also I even wrote about her previously here. While I am starting to appreciate other characters (i.e. Catwoman), Donna still has a special place in my heart forever. This series does as well. It came out around the time I started reading comics again (when I was homeless surprisingly). I remember her being the first comic that I got from my dad and so I have tried to hold tight to this precious memory and this character. This story was about her returning to the DC Universe. There is a storyline that is called “Graduation Day” that tells what happened to her, which I won’t spoil. This comes after that, obviously.

The story really connects to the history of this particular character. There is part of her origin that ties into the Titans of Myth that appear within this series. So Jimenez does a wonderful job of tying that in here. It is very obvious when reading this that Jimenez has a lot of appreciation for the “Donna Troy” character. He knows her history and wants to respect it. Normally I would talk about the artwork in another paragraph, but Jimenez is a comic book artist himself. This shows through in the designs of the page and it is obvious that Jimenez had a vision that he was able to clearly relay to both Garcia Lopez and Perez. All of these people being phenomenal artists working together, made a stunningly beautiful series that sometimes is overlooked. The story truly sets out to let you know who this character is and where she is going within the DC Universe. The issue is, DC never went anywhere with it, except for during Infinite Crisis. That is a complaint I had with DC after Infinite Crisis. They had ideas that they wanted to do, but it seemed like they always second-guessed themselves and stopped doing it. They didn’t seem to follow through on their ideas and build a cohesive world. They would do something with a character and then it went NOWHERE and this series highlights that to a fine point. Cause that conclusion set her up to be one of the more important players in the universe. That is all I am going to say about that though, I promise! (Can you tell I love this character?)

The artwork is so beautiful for this series. I mean LOOK AT IT:

Tell me that is not some well thought out artwork. I applaud what they were able to do with this art wise. Yes, I have a bias towards this character, but no one can tell me that this isn’t wonderful comic book artwork. I will fight you, hardcore! I truly miss THIS version of my favorite character in DC comics. I am starting to expand out from her because this version does not exist, but she will forever be the character that made me love DC Comics and this book had a big part of that love. I am glad I got to reread it.

Donna is probably most known for her appearances within various “Teen Titans” titles. One of these series being “The New Teen Titans” by Marv Wolfman and George Perez, which I have shockingly never read! This is a goal for next year is to read the complete “The New Teen Titans” volumes, however I can! The character is slated to appear later this year in the DC Universe show “Titans” available through the app mentioned at the top of this post!

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