Five List #1

This feature is a TOP FIVE list of various things, which is replacing the “Loves” feature I was doing. It will count down to my number one of whatever that featured list is. There may even be some honorable mentions on the list, depending on the topic.

This FIVE LIST is…

80s Cartoons!


 Dungeons and Dragons (1983)


Growing up, I remember watching this show. I loved the fantasy elements of it, but what really dragged me into the show was, Uni, the little unicorn in it. I loved him a lot. I also loved the characters and their distinct personalities. I think it also helped that as a child I knew that my father played the tabletop RPG game of this, so I felt that I had a small connection to something that he loved. As an adult though, that love has stayed and this is one of the few animated television shows that I have a physical copy of from this particular era. It doesn’t rank higher though because the other ones I have more of a connection with for other reasons. 


 Rainbow Brite (1984)


I remember watching “Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealers” far too many times while I was growing up, which is the animated movie for this franchise. During childhood I did not have one inkling that they made a cartoon series! I finally was able through youtube to watch the entire run, which it is almost time to do again since it has been awhile. I feel even more in love with this particular character. This version of her has always had a deep appreciation in my heart. She is friendly, bubbly, and loving. She just wants others to be happy and love each other. She also just wants to add color to the world. I loved this desire to keep the world beautiful through the various colors that you can see within it. I also loved so many of the other characters in the color kids group. My favorites being Canary Yellow, Shy Violet, and Indigo. It was a short run of only 13 episodes, but every single one I love and enjoy. 


The Snorks (1984)


I do not recall watching this cartoon as a child, but whenever I watch episodes they all seem so familiar to me. I probably did watch it and just don’t remember. I laugh basically on every single episode that I watch of this! While at times it does feel like it is a bit of a rip-off of “The Smurfs”, I have to say that I enjoy this particular cartoon more than I do watching reruns of it. I love the characters and how they play off each other. I love that these characters have distinct purposes and I love that there is more than one female in the entire bunch for the entire run (I mean SMURFETTE was the only female smurf for HOW LONG?). This show just has more heart to me. I also love that the antagonist is a fellow snork that is the same age as the rest of the characters. 


Strawberry Shortcake (1980)


In the town that I grew up in there was a video store called “Meeks” and they had many of the specials on VHS tape. I would always go into the store and get the same VHS tapes over and over when I could rent them. My dad would get mad, but I loved Strawberry Shortcake. I have rewatched a few of them and fully intend to rewatch all of the specials that were made. I mean it, since this will actually come back later this week on the blog. I loved this friendly girl that just wanted her friends and those around her to have a “berry good day.” It also helped that I loved the side characters in this franchise as well. It is largely, however, through the VHS tapes that I remember these wonderful specials. My favorite is the last one, but it has been forever since I watched it. This is the one where she meets the berrykins. It is also when you could tell they were trying to change the franchise slightly to keep selling the toys. I still love it and find it to be the one that I remember watching the most. 

Before I reveal my #1 cartoon choice, here are some cartoons that almost made it onto my top five list. 


Get-along Gang

Lady Lovely Locks

David the Gnome

Teddy Ruxpin

and now onto the top 1980s Cartoon that I personally love!!!


Jem and the Holograms (1985)


I own this series on physical DVD. The moment it was released as a “Complete Series” I was excited because I originally bought a different version of it by another company that owned the rights to publishing the series. They, however, never released the last part of season 3, which made me mad because it was the last part of the entire show! When this came out I repurchased it all and gave the older DVDs to my friend Alexis.

I remember watching Jem as a child. I would sing that she was truly outrageous at the top of my lungs. I remember also stealing my sisters Jem dolls and playing with them as well! What endeared this series to me even more was the fact the dolls came with cassette tapes that had songs that were featured in the cartoon. I would have my sister play them ad nauseum. She sometimes would get so mad at me, but I loved the music! Since the music was also in the series it endeared and connected the two for me forever. This one is pure nostalgia and I love it. If you notice a lot of my favorite cartoons had female focused characters. I grew up in a predominately female household, which I appreciate because it made me who I am today. This, however, means that some other popular cartoons like G.I. Joe and Transformers were simply things that I did not watch or have any attachment to. Jem, however, I did get to watch and forever will hold a dear place in my heart. I really would love to see a modern animated series of the show. I eventually want to get around to reading the comic book series that is a revamped version of it. It would probably be Truly Truly OUTRAGEOUS!

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