For the Love of Books #1

This is a new monthly feature that I am going to do on the blog. It is where I will highlight a previously read book and let you know how I feel about it now that it has been some time since I have read it. Did it sit well over time? Did my feelings change after time? These are all previously read books, but me highlighting them again or on here for the first time. Often we read a book and then sometimes never get the chance to talk about it again. This is a chance to put them back on the forefront to show others what I love.  If you want to highlight a previous loved book, feel free to do this on your blog! 

This is a book that I read when I was blogging on blogger under “Cassie’s Library”. 

Cornelia Funke

Here are my original words from “Cassie’s Library” on the book:

I brought the book home and began reading it. It took me about 18 days to read this book. I started on September 1 and finished it on September 18th. Which shows that I am building up these blogs on purpose, so that I have some content for you all to read or watch. 🙂 It took me that long to read not because it was a bad book, but because I just am a slow reader. As I got into this book I was finding myself drawn into this world that Funke created. She created a rather rich world. I have never been one to enjoy books with a heavy emphasis on fantasy, which is partially because I was not allowed to read books outside of specific types. This resulted in me not appreciating these fantastical elements as much as someone that has say read “The Hobbit” or “Lord of the Rings” series, which I never have. This being said I was still highly impressed with this book. The action drew me in and Funke sprinkled it throughout the massive volume to keep the reader wanting more. Just when I was starting to think it was getting a bit boring she would have another element be revealed or have another character have something happen to them to draw me back in.

There were several passages in this book where I literally said “Wow, I can picture exactly what Funke is talking about.” I felt transported into the Inkheart book myself. The premise of the book is also a strong one, which goes back to the sentence I just said “transported into the Inkheart book”. One of the main characters has the ability to read people in and out of books, which I am comfortable stating because this is discovered fairly early on in the book and also is mentioned in the book jacket synopsis. This premise was interesting, fresh, and allowed for great plot moments throughout.

My favorite character in this book was probably Dustfinger. He was a heavily flawed character, but one that had one simple desire. This made him easy to relate to and also allowed me to see clearly how every action was driven by that one desire. You never had to question why he was doing something because it was very obvious. I enjoyed this as almost a character analysis and how well a character can be written when given a purpose.

My least favorite character had to be one of the main characters, Mo. I understood that he was a big part of the driving force of the story, but he just seemed to be taking up precious story time from other characters that I liked more. I also could not see why he would need to be in subsequent books with the way that the story ends. It felt like much of his story was resolved.
WHO I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS BOOK TO: Fantasy book lovers, new fantasy readers, young adults, children, book lovers, book collectors, and those that simply want to have an enjoyable long read.
WHO I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS BOOK TO: People who do not appreciate books (why are you even reading if this is you? #sorrynotsorry), people who do not like books with any truly dark characters or non-redeemable qualities to a character, and anyone that feels that fantasy is not a genre up their alley.

When I read this, back then, I read it through the library. Now I actually own the book on my own shelves. This should tell you how I still feel about it since I bought the book several months after I originally read it. This book still makes me thing about magic being around us and that books have that within them. This is definitely a book that I want to highlight again for others to see. I always planned to read the rest of the series and own the next book in the series. I should get on that! This book was everything a great book should be, so I am not sure why I have not continued on. I must have a series block or something for some reason. Well, either way, Inkheart is a phenomenal book that deserves a spotlight placed on it. The world that Funke creates is just so darn pleasing and entertaining to read. The main character was my least favorite character when I originally read it and heck, I still feel that way. Every other character was so much more interesting on so many levels. It will be interesting to see how he is featured in the subsequent books of this series. So many books to read, but I really should read this.

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  1. Jen

    I am the same with series. I’ve read Inkheart and loved it. I read the second book last year, years later and have the third to read next. I love Cornelia Funke’s writing.
    I think our perceptions of books do change. Intend to forget what I think of them except maybe generally if I loved them or disliked them.

    • Cassie Post author

      I have memory issues, so I forget sometimes that I even read a book. It is one of the reasons that I started my blog. I needed a space to remember what I read. One of the reasons I started this was because I want to start putting forth effort to remember and also show again books I loved. This helps to cement how I felt about the book better. Thanks for visiting Jen! 🙂


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