Grey’s Loves: Favorite Singing Group

When I was growing up, a kid cause now I am ancient as heck, I remember the Spice Girls coming onto the musical scene and I was taken into their music immediately. I would dance around to it and loved it. I got even more into their music as I got older. I would listen to the heck out of their music. I especially loved their second album. I remember listening it over and over and dancing around my room singing along. Don’t act like you never danced around singing to your favorite song, you judgemental little *beep*.

My Favorite Spice Girls Song:

I became obsessed with them. When I say OBSESSED I mean it. I owned their posters, albums, and including at one point their dolls. When I was living in San Francisco, I actually started purchasing all their solo materials as well. I ended up paying a lot for some of them because they were imported albums because their albums were not released here in the United States. I still have all of Geri’s albums because she was my favorite of all the girls. When she left the group I was GUTTED. I remember crying and saying the world was over. Yes, I was dramatic about it. I loved them that much.

I still love their music, honestly. My sister, Rebekah, actually purchased for me the Greatest Hits album when it was out. Then 2 Christmases ago, Brandon (my partner), purchased one of each of the dolls for me (they had multiple waves of dolls, he just made sure I had one of each). It was my favorite Christmas EVER! I had the dolls again. I love owning them and still getting to listen to their music. It just calms me down and makes me feel happiness. Do you have an artist or music that instantly calms you or makes you feel happy? I would love to know in the comments below!

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  1. jen

    I was a huge fan of the Spice Girls as a child, I loved all the pop music like S Club 7 too that you could dance too. My tastes completely changed when I got to the dreaded teens though and they changed again when I got to my 20s. Ugh, lets not talk about age. I have a yoga video Geri was on and she chatted way too much. I like her solo stuff and Emma Bunton. Mel C has been on stage she’s a good singer! They’re a quirky bunch I’m not really a fan anymore since my tastes changed but sometimes I find myself singing along or have a song in my head from one of the Spice Girls.

    • cgwinters1981 Post author

      S Club 7! OMG I loved them. I think musical tastes change sometimes, but some music is pure nostalgic goodness. The Spice Girls are definitely that for me. 🙂


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