Little Miss Book Reviews #1

Yesterday, I mentioned I plan on doing reviews of the “Little Miss” book series the remainder of this week. There are numerous books within the series and I will not be reviewing them all. I decided since I had never read any of the books by Roger Hargreaves that I would try some of them out. He has written numerous books within this series and also the “Mr. Men” series. Some of the books are also written by his son Adam Hargreaves due to his passing away in 1988 from several strokes. So some of these are completed by Adam and others are by the original creator Roger.

Which characters will I review? Lets jump right in to the first batch of them.

Written by Roger Hargreaves


This is the first book that I read in the “Little Miss” series. I went in knowing very little about the series, but having always had an interest in reading them. This felt like one of those series that I would have read as a kid, but I don’t recall reading any of them. I probably did, but they didn’t have any lasting effect on me. This made going into this book series interesting because I was going into it blind, but also as an adult instead of as a child. This made this fun, for me. I can see this being something that a parent would enjoy reading to their child. This book focuses on a character that says the opposite of what she means. This book didn’t seem to have an overall message, outside of saying the opposite of what you mean. It was almost like a game, which I remember playing growing up sometimes. This would have easily been a 5 magical ball review, if there had been a moral to this particular tale. Due to there being no moral or overall cohesive plot resolution, it felt a little flat at the end. It was still, however, a story I enjoyed and definitely think a parent would enjoy reading to their child. I also loved the artwork, which would be great to share with a child. I highly recommend this to any adults out there looking for something to read with their kids. For us adults, I would recommend starting with another character first and maybe read this later, if you decide you want to read all of them.

Written by Adam Hargreaves


This book had me giggling! Yes, “Little Miss Bad” is very bad. The things she does to the people in her town. I could never imagine these horrible things, but SHE DOES THEM! These acts are not what made me give this a five magical ball rating though, it was how she ultimately gets caught for doing all these heinous acts. She tells on herself. It goes deeper than that, but I don’t want to spoil the fun of this book. The ending also got a huge chuckle from me and reminded me that Hargreaves created so many characters that oftentimes have similar characteristics at their base. This is another one that the artwork was wonderful and definitely something I can see a child being shown by their parents. I can just see a small child climbing into their parents lap to be read this and the parent smiling as they do. It definitely has that warm fuzzy feel about it. The thing that I enjoyed about this book over the last was that there was a moral in this one and it is very much there at the end of the book. It doesn’t take itself that seriously though, which was also nice. This would definitely be one that I would recommend reading near the beginning of your journey into the “Little Miss” series because it will get you chuckling.

That’s it for Day 1 of this “Little Miss” event! 

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  1. pumpkinandegg

    I love this idea! I thought about possibly adding a few children’s books that I have read to my children. This is a great review as well! Love your writing ✍️

    • Cassie Post author

      You should definitely do it! I can tell you that I enjoyed reading something like this, even though I don’t have children. I was able to analyze from a different point of view from what I would normally judge a book, which was fun. Thanks for the compliment. I appreciate it!


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