Marvel Unlimited Christmas Comics Review 2

I have the Marvel Unlimited app and they have COMICS on there, so I decided to review comics on my blog.

1 Holiday Issue

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Marvel’s own Milwaukee-based Misfits are back-in their very own, double sized X-mas special! Sure, they survived the GLA mini-series, but can Squirrel Girl, Mr. Immortal, and pals survive… the HOLIDAYS?!? 6 all-new features of mockery, morbidity, and merriment– including the return of Grasshopper, Deathurge… and the Yuletide tyranny of Dr. Tannenbaum?! By Dan Slott (GLA), Georges Jeanty (Gambit), Paul Grist (Jack Staff), Mike Kazaleh (Ren & Stimpy), and special guest, Mike Wieringo (Friendly Neighborhood something-or-other). 

So I might be biased in this review, mainly because I love the characters attached to the GLX/Great Lakes Avengers. I remember reading them in West Coast Avengers when Mockingbird and Hawkeye went to be the leaders of that team for a minute. It was an interesting concept then, even if they were obviously D-List heroes. I realize that most of my true favorite comic book characters are B-, C-, or D-list heroes. I seldomly 100% like the A-listers. One of the quirkiest characters appears in this special: Squirrel girl. She has become immensely popular of a character in the Marvel Universe because of her silliness. It is strange to me that these big 2 companies are not recognizing an influx of silly character popularity. I mean Harley Quinn at DC and Squirrel Girl and Gwenpool at Marvel. I think it is because people want to be entertained at this point. They want to be taken away into a world of goofiness and not one that is so heavy handed that it depresses. This special definitely fits into that silliness and goofiness category, but it also has a few moments of sadness. These moments feel appropriate though for moving this particular team forward. 

Squirrel Girl – Every single time I read a comic featuring this character, I laugh so hard! This is no different. She is sent on a mission and does wonderful things throughout this special. She is one of those loveable quirky characters that just somehow destroys all the Marvel big baddies. It is hysterical. Oftentimes while trying to do other things. This is no different. Traditional artwork for this type of character makes this a slam dunk for me. 

Days of X-Mas Past – While most of the time GLA/GLX is a seriously humorous book, this tale is a little more somber. It is, however, appropriate for the collection. It reminds us that during this period of time we remember our loved ones that may have already moved on to the next level of existence. It doesn’t hurt that this story also contains one of the best Squirrel Girl moments ever. While I did not cry big tears or sob, this did bring out the single tear from my eye. It was sad people! The character was from the older versions of the team and it is obvious they were moving the team in a new direction. This character didn’t fit in totally, but it is nice that they allowed her to have one final hurrah within this story and she didn’t go out like a punk. Wonderful story, full of emotion and wonderful art. Another beautifully told story in this collection. 

Grasshopper – This was one where you had to read the rest of the comic book to really get a laugh out of it. This character is set-up to be the “next big Marvel thing”, but hilarity throughout this issue ensues, mainly in the NEXT story. Basically this is your generic normal new hero fighting a bad guy story. It still is a nice story and the artwork is also pretty good. I can’t say much more because it was just one of those normal hero stories, but in this case it was used to set-up a gag in this comic.

Doorman – This is about a newer character that has become basically death. He ushers people into the next life. This links up to one of the other stories. This is another more emotional tale as well. When I reached the end of this one I did cry a little bit. It was pretty profound and I felt very sad for this character. This is not my typical GLX/GLA. The artwork serves the purpose of this story. Moving it forward at every single moment, one being a moment that could have been portrayed macabre, but instead just comes off natural and what was appropriate. I was pleased, but again this story made me blubber a bit. If I had to say read any story within this special, it would be this one, which is shocking since Squirrel girl is in this. This, however, is just so good and so much character development.

Tippy Toe – This story is about Squirrel Girl’s pet squirrel and the arch-nemesis of the previous squirrel that held this position. Now this villain is after Tippy Toe. This is a very much set in the funny aspect of the group, instead of the somber tone of some of the other stories that this contained. I enjoyed this moment away from that heaviness. This is was quirky and fun. The art style though was weird, but due to this being about a squirrel and their adventures, I can be forgiving of it. 

“Seasons Greetings from the GLX”- This is a bit morbid. I won’t explain why, but this nearly ruined the issue for me, but it didn’t. The tales in this collection where just too good. They allowed me to remember important aspects of the holiday season. This, however, took a far worse torn when the group sees a shooting star, but Doorman ruins it by telling us what it really is. I just wasn’t here for that. The artwork is superb and done in the more traditional superhero style. This is the last true story in the collection and ends with basically the typical “Happy Holiday” greeting with the cast looking at ya. It was nice to see that here. Made me a bit nostalgia for those type of nods in TV shows and movies. Wonderful overall collection.

Flatman’s Special Christmas Gift to You – Wonder what this is? You will just have to look it up or find the Christmas special. Have to leave you wondering a bit right? 

The GLX has also been more commonly called The Great Lakes Avengers. They have had a few appearances within the Marvel Universe. Some are available on the Marvel Unlimited app to read!

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