R.I.P. Stan Lee

Stan Lee

It is a sad day for a comic fan, like me. It has been announced that Stan Lee, of Marvel fame, has passed away. I can remember reading so many stories of characters that he created. Scarlet Witch being one of my favorites ever. I remember reading stories that came from these characters that he had created. I read West Coast Avengers growing up. I remember devouring these comics. Marvel was the one I grew up primarily because my father had so many of their issues. These characters he created are numerous in number and many we see now on our big screens. You created a world that many of us love to visit in our imaginations. You have truly made the world a better place by being in it. Excelsior! Stan Lee and may you rest truly in peace knowing the profound impact you have had on many of us nerds, geeks, dorks in the world. Your physical presence will be missed, but your spiritual presence will be felt forever in the world of comics and beyond.

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