Reviews: “Light as a Feather” (2018)

Light as a Feather


Liana Liberato
Haley Ramm
Brianne Tju
Ajione Alexus
Dylan Sprayberry
Peyton List
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A group of teenage girls must deal with supernatural fallout stemming from an innocent game of “Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board” when they start dying off in the exact way predicted.

This show! Words escape me on how much I enjoyed this show. This show is great for this time of the year, Halloween! It has weird scary moments, but also has enough light-hearted moments to even it all back out. This felt like a teen drama, but with supernatural elements attached to it. If you like the show “Pretty Little Liars”, I am pretty sure you would enjoy this.

One of the perks, for me, was that each episode is only 23 minutes in length. I have a hard time these days sitting through a 45 minute program. Heck, even a movie sometimes is too long for me. I feel like I always have a lot of other stuff to do, so it was easier to get through this since I felt I could start an episode and leave off whenever I wanted. The evil thing about this show though was I found myself watching 4 episodes back to back almost every sitting. The mystery element is that awesome.

Anyone who knows me, knows that oftentimes the thing that keeps me reading or watching is if a show has a mystery element. If there is something I have to figure out, I am all in. All my chips, right there on the freaking table, every single time. This show has mystery in spades. You wonder who one of the characters really is. Actually make that x2 because technically there are 2 characters you start to have questions about throughout the 10 episodes. You wonder why the people who are dying, die. There are so many weird little quirks to the show. The writers of this show took a lot of time on planning out the stories just right and every episode built to the finale. The only downside, it left questions. Yes, this show leaves us with a cliffhanger, in more than one instance. There are things you are left going OMG WHERE ARE MORE EPISODES!!! I NEED THEM NOW. Every single moment though served a purpose of the entire plot, which is rare in a show. There often feels like there is filler in shows, regardless of who writes them or their length. This does not feel like that. It seems like this was someone’s baby and so well-loved that they would not allow for any moment that wasn’t vital to one of the core members of the cast. So rare, but so beautiful when done right. It made me appreciate this little Hulu show so much.

I went into this, as I mention in the other section, for Peyton List, but as I watched my favorite actress in the show quickly became Haley Ramm, who plays Violet (the new girl). I do not want to spoil where and what she plays within the show, but her acting was on point. There were moments that this singular character took me on the biggest emotional rollercoaster. Up and then down. Most of it was due to the fact that she knew exactly what her face should look like in every single moment. She played it well. Everyone else played their parts, in a show that would largely be unbelievable, so believably that you forget that this show is about death and a game of “light as a feather.” There was even a moment that made me cry. I cried for one of the girls, so hard. I was like, “You did NOT have to do me like that.” It was just painful to watch, but also so good at the same time.

If you are in a Halloween mood and don’t mind a bit of teen angst with your shows, then this is for you. I imagine fans of shows like Buffy and Charmed would have a wonderful time with this show because they are already predispositioned for a bit of horror in their shows. There is a bit of creepy and a lot of plot with this show. I give it 4 magic balls out of 5 because it isn’t my favorite show in the world, but this show has so much potential. I hope Hulu keeps it as a Halloween show, so that every season I can be taken into their supernatural little world of death and mystery.

Peyton List is what got me to initially watch “Light as a Feather” because I knew her from Disney’s “Jessie”, which I loved!

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