Revised Origins is CLOSING & a new site SOONISH!

I have decided that I want a fresh start, so I am moving on from Revised Origins. I am working on a new site and a new name. I am also restarting on twitter and instagram. I want a clean slate. When I started this blog, I wasn’t mentally well. I recognize that now. I kept trying to push myself into a little box. A box that was I thought I had to be within. I discussed this near the beginning of the year in those 2018 and 2019 posts. I have specific challenges I want to complete this year. I have things I want to do for me this year and I realized that doesn’t feel like it should be on “Revised Origins” or this particular blog. I want a revamp, I want a restart.

Revised Origins and to a greater degree this blog was always about going back and trying to do things I didn’t get to do. The reality is, after getting on meds, I have recognized that I would rather move forward. Move towards the future, not be stuck on the past. Yes, I am in therapy where I will still discuss the past and working through all that it entails, but I realized I would like to be more positive in my interactions. Yes, I am still going to share things I have been through. They are part of who I am, but even the name “Revised Origins” has a certain negative connotation to it. On the “Why Revised Origins?” tab I had, I literally was talking about how I want to change things. It is fine to “revisit” things in the past, but not when it takes over everything that you are. That you just focus on the fact that you didn’t get to do certain things always, it is not a positive thing. I want to embrace positivity. It is a change of mentality. I want my experiences, even if I am reading a book because I never got to growing up to be positive. I want to be able to say, “I finally read that darn book” instead of “Woo is me, I never got to read this book.” This a major shift in my personality because I am not in depression now. Due to this I hadn’t had this positivity before with my blogging. I want to share my actual life, my actual reading, and my own authenticity. The name “Revised Origins” and things attached to this blog, just don’t feel like the correct space to do that currently.


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