Sharing Life #3: Existence as I know it

This feature used to be called “Oversharing w/ Cassie” but I have realized that really this is just about me sharing moments of my life with anyone that decides to read this. If you do read it, thank you! I appreciate you. 

Number 45, President of the US, announced that they were considering stripping the protections of transgender individuals. That when Obama was in office, he overextended rights to groups that did not deserve them. Guess what one of these populations was? Transgender people. They were the main focus of this. They want to do away with any protections and erase basic rights for transgender individuals. There are little protections for us in this population already. Now you want to take away the few that I have? What the hell is wrong with you? If you support this douchebag, you need to step away from me. You need to go over there to somewhere else called “GET THE F*** AWAY FROM ME Valley”. I scream “Bye Felicia” into your face because my existence should not be erased. I should have basic rights to work in America. I should be able to get HOUSING, if I want it. They are fundamental basic rights that EVERYONE deserves. I don’t care how you feel about my transgender status, these are basic HUMAN RIGHTS. The right to exist isn’t debatable any more for me. I have been so damn polite for so damn long. Where has polite got me? Scared to go out my damn door every single day into a world full of hate.

I am sick of hate. Hate for other people. “Why can’t the world go back to when it was normal?” You just didn’t know that these people existed because THEY KILLED THEMSELVES. These communities died in silence. Fear. That or they led very unhappy lives where they never felt complete. Can you imagine never feeling okay with yourself for your entire life? That is what was occurring. We see startling numbers of suicides for LGBT individuals and you want to push us back into a damn closet because you have a religious belief system that says we are sinners. Fine, I am a sinner, but I still deserve the right to LIVE. I still have the right to exist on my own terms. If I want to be happy, I have that right to do what that entails. This is NORMAL, this is the realities of the world NOW. We don’t want to keep dying for you to exist. We don’t want to have to hide ourselves any more. We want to be happy. We want to simply be happy and live our lives. Let us. It isn’t that complicated not to hate others. Why does my existence hurt you at all? It doesn’t, does it. It is just that you want to be a twat and scared of someone that is not identical to you. You know what that is rooted in? Not liking “others” and it has a lot of roots in prejudicial thought patterns. It is hard to recognize when you are a prejudicial asshole, but if you worry about “normal” being wiped out of existence than you are a big part of the problem. There are POC in the world. There are Transgender people in the world. There are Gay people. There are Lesbians. There are people that worship differently than you. We all DESERVE THE RIGHT TO EXIST and BE HAPPY. Live your own damn life and get a life if you want to hurt others. Seriously, this is the meanest I am going to get here, but GET A DAMN LIFE! Seriously, grow up. Grow up and recognize OTHERS DESERVE THE RIGHT TO EXIST. This isn’t about right or left politics. It is about HUMAN DECENCY and right now some of you are really showing that you lack a simple ounce of it.

I will probably write more on this at a later time, but right now I am livid. Most of you cannot grasp the idea that my very existence could be called into question because yours never will. You are privileged. Some of you hear this and think you are bad people, but privilege isn’t like that. Some are just naturally privileged to not have to deal with certain things. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t listen to others that say this is the reality of the world. We know what is going on and we can speak on it. Listen to us and just be an ally if you want the world to change. Live in your privilege and use it for change. There are those of you that do understand all of this and I love and support every single one of you. Keep fighting for equality, for a better world. This is what I am working on doing from this moment forward. I will talk about these things now. I will give a voice to them because remaining silent has gotten me WHERE?

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    • Cassie Post author

      Sometimes anger has to be felt first and then action. I am moving forward from the anger now, but I am allowing myself to know it is there and that is a useful tool in this. Being mad does not have to be a negative thing. I am learning this. I am learning my voice has power. *hugs back*


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