Video Game Review #1

To start talking about different things and show that I am moving in a more “me” direction with my blog, here is my FIRST Video Game Review!

Cat Quest

Developer: The Gentlebros
Publisher: PQube
Available Platforms: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, and Playstation 4.

(Taken from Wikipedia article)

Cat Quest is an action role-playing video game played from a top-down perspective. The game is set in an open world kingdom called Felingard. The player takes controls of an anthropomorphic cat who embarks on a quest to rescue his kidnapped sister. The game features real-time combat, dungeon crawling, and equipment progression.

Growing up I didn’t get to play a lot of video games. The reality is that my brother and my grandmother played most of the time. The brother would play during the hours he was allowed because oftentimes Grandma was playing Tetris on the system. She would get mad and say we were spending too much time on the game, but she would spend hours playing herself. It was a weird environment to be in with gaming. After I was out of that environment I was homeless, so gaming was not something that I latched onto easily. I didn’t share many of those memories that other people have with certain games. I didn’t get to play them. The only game that I have any memories of myself playing really in-depth was “Final Fantasy III”, which I am talking about here in the US. This was actually a different number in other countries until they started releasing them all here. I purposely played the crap out of that game and got to the ending before my brother. It was because I usually didn’t get to do that. I wanted to be the first for once. He was mad because of it, but I didn’t care. This is my history with gaming.

Recently, I have been trying to find out if I could play video games and enjoy them. This is partially because my partner loves different types of games and I have been watching him a lot. I felt like it was time to see if there were games that I could enjoy. There has been a massive sale for the end of the year going on STEAM, which got my partner, Brandon, to look to see if this game was for sale on the Nintendo Switch store. It was! I had been thinking about playing “Cat Quest” since I saw the trailer several months back, but between finishing out the semester and the blog, I never got around to it. Flash forward to a few weeks ago. We buy the game and I spend literally 2 days playing it none stop. I would wake up and say “Cat game.” Brandon knew what I meant and I just sat in a chair, unhealthy I know (who cares?), all day playing it. There were moments when I would literally walk around my house with it because I was that engrossed into it. This game was a level of fun that I was not expecting.

The game really does focus on the fact that you are a cat, in a cat world where something has happened and you are a basically become a total badass kitty cat. The game includes various quests that bring your story forward. Some of them are creepy, like a quest where kitties just have to have their MEAT! There is a main villain in the game, but the reality is that once you understand the overall storyline you question a lot of the game and what it entails. So I may have cried at the ending of this game, for real. My partner was like, “Are you okay?” I had to mumble that I couldn’t tell him because I knew he intended to play the game at some point. Once I knew everything, I was just a flipping wreck okay? To have that level of emotion for a video game was not something that I was prepared for. I had never had those types of reactions from watching, but it was personal. I felt like the characters. I felt like I had actually stepped into their world, which shows to me that the developers really made this an immersive experience. As someone that has never been immersed into a video game, I appreciate that this was my first foray into video gaming and that it did immerse me. I will now know what immersion feels like and be able to gauge if other games do that for me.

This game has a very unique and beautiful artwork style that helps to keep the gamer immersed into the world. Yes, it is a little cutesy. I can hear SERIOUS GAMERS MOANING, but I am not one of those. Brandon said I am probably a casual gamer, which I am totally fine being. I want to relax if I am playing other games (like board games) so that does make logical sense to me. The cutesy aspect was one of the reasons that I wanted to play this game so badly. I mean CUTE KITTIES? COME ON NOW! I had to. I just had to play it. I am so glad I did. This game moved me to real emotions. It touched my icy heart and melted it a bit. There is a stunning simplicity to the game, but also a masterful developed game that is challenging. I have to thank the Gentlebros. for giving me an experience that I had never had before in my life. I often find myself upset that I did not have these experiences with media that others have, but now I  can officially say that I have been so immersed into a game that an entire day went buy video gaming. It may seem silly, but I like knowing that I spent an entire day just relaxing playing the meow out of this.

The developers have announced that in 2019 there will be a SEQUEL! You know I am on that! The day it is released I am getting that shit.

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