Weekend Cartoons – “Strawberry Shortcake meets the Berrykins”

I remember as I was growing up, that I would often find myself glued to the television screen on the weekends watching cartoons. This memory of watching cartoons on the weekend gave me the idea to do a cartoon review feature over the weekend! These are any type of cartoons, as I deem appropriate. This could be a cartoon special, an animated movie, or a review of some episodes of a cartoon series!

“Strawberry Shortcake meets the Berrykins”
Cartoon Special

Written by Peter Sauder
Directed by Laura Shephard

Starring the Voices of: Russi Taylor, Jeri Craden, Chris Wiggins, and more

(From Wikipedia)

Strawberry rids Strawberryland of a strange, horrible smelling purple cloud with the help of her new friends, the Berry Princess and her helpers, the Berrykins.

This is the last of the “Strawberry Shortcake” vintage cartoon specials. I watched all six! I met another goal that I had for myself. I am excited that I was able to get through all of these because it was something that I have been wanting to do for awhile. Feels nice to meet goals that I have placed before myself.

This special runs roughly the same length as all the other specials, I was not sure as it felt like it may have been a feature film but learned it was not after watching it. I was shocked because this was the one that I probably remembered the most. I remembered the animation style, the characters, and just about everything related to it. I was shocked because I still loved it! While it was obvious that they were heavily promoting a change in style for the dolls, I liked that it was about Strawberry Shortcake finding herself. I also loved that this was partially done by the introduction of the Berrykin characters. You can see the Strawberry Berrykin in the cover art above. 

Everything in this special is about smells, which the dolls were scented so it made sense. It really helped solidify that aspect of the characters. It now felt like they had a reason for smelling that darn good. In the process of discovering the Berrykins though all the characters change in style. The funniest is that there is the introduction of new character, Banana Twirl, and her style gets to stay literally long enough to be changed by the Berrykins at the end of the film. I was like poor girl couldn’t even have a style for 25 minutes before someone is forcing you to change. 

How Banana Twirl got to look at first…

No picture from the special available of how she looked afterwards, but this gives you an idea.

While I felt for Banana Twirl, the fact is that the doll line had been going for several years. They needed a facelift, so it made sense that in the special that that would be its primary focus. I just wish that they had left out Banana Twirl. The issue though is kids probably would not have bought her, since they would not have been familiar with who she was. The special though is a simple plot and just a cute kid-friendly special. I would definitely recommend watching it at least once on youtube when you have time. It is cutesy and just a feel-good thing. It will not knock your socks off by any means, but something that is only 25 minutes doesn’t really have to does it? It is one and done. That is why I enjoyed all six specials as they were not a television show and they were their own independent special. You didn’t have to watch all 6 to enjoy them. I definitely disliked some of them, but this one was definitely my favorite of all the specials. This is probably though because it is the one that I have the most memories of from childhood. Nostalgia definitely plays a huge part. 

“Strawberry Shortcake meets the Berrykins” is the last of six vintage specials for the character! I reached the finish line of the vintage Strawberry Shortcake specials! Tune in on this upcoming Saturday to see what I review next for this feature.

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    • Cassie Post author

      I wish I had the dolls! I loved the specials growing up and still find the franchise fascinating to watch. Thanks for visiting!


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