Why “Revised Origins”?

Where did the name “Revised Origins” come from?

Honestly? I was looking at the Donna Troy wikipedia page, since Donna Troy is my favorite comic book character. I was hoping to find something on it that I could use for my blog  name. I looked at her former superhero identities and none seemed to fit. Darkstar? Nah. Troia? Nah, as well. Wonder Girl? Umm, I didn’t want to go down that road. I started to leave the page believing that I had found nothing to utilize for my blog name. Then I fell on the part where it talked about how her origins had been revised a lot. I realized that this happens a lot in comic books, these revised origins. I was like, “I like that name. I really do.” It focuses on comic books, which has always been a part of my identity. It also reaches to another part of my identity, my gender identity. In a sense, when we transition, I feel, that we revise ourselves. We want to change our own origin story in a very profound and meaningful way. Due to this, I thought the name fit perfectly. It goes one level deeper for me though. Part of this blog has always been about the fact that I have not had the opportunity to do certain things in my past. This is reading books, watching cartoons, watching movies, and relaxation activities that others take for granted on a daily basis.

While I obviously cannot go back in time and do these things to change my actual story with them, I can revise them slightly for me. This means I can do them now and find what I like and don’t like as an adult that should have always been a part of me. No, I cannot relive lost experiences, but I can revise my own feelings and experiences with them. I am going back to my origin and examining those things that I feel that I should have always been able to do or heck maybe I didn’t even know about them because of my childhood and I am saying I get to revise my origin now, even if ever so slightly.