Why “Revised Origins”?

Where did the name “Revised Origins” come from?

Honestly? I was looking at the Donna Troy wikipedia page, since Donna Troy is my favorite comic book character. I was hoping to find something on it that I could use for my blog  name. I looked at her former superhero identities and none seemed to fit. Darkstar? Nah. Troia? Nah, as well. Wonder Girl? Umm, I didn’t want to go down that road. I started to leave the page believing that I had found nothing to utilize for my blog name. Then I fell on the part where it talked about how her origins being revised a lot. I realized that this happens a lot in comic books, these revised origins. I was like, “I like that name. I really do.” It focuses on comic books, which has always been a part of my identity. It also reaches to another part of my identity, my gender identity. In a sense, when we transition, I feel, that we revise ourselves. We want to change our own origin story in a very profound and meaningful way. Due to this, I thought the name fit perfectly. It goes one level deeper for me though. Part of this blog has always been about the fact that I have not had the opportunity to do certain things in my past. This is almost any relaxation activity (i.e. reading, movies, television, comics books, etc.) that others take for granted on a daily basis. Now I want to change that and go back and revisit some of these things I wish I had the opportunity to do when I was younger.  I obviously can’t literally go back and change these things, but I can revise them. I can discover who I am now and discover things I do like. What do I want to spend my time reading? What do I want to watch? What do I want to personally do with my life? These are things I can decide now and revise from what these things were from the past. Revised Origins is also about always moving forward, positively. One cannot live in the past forever, but one can process and revise their own inner feelings about it. Thus “Revised Origins” is the perfect fit for a blog from me! I hope you enjoy it.